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Asmund is an Oregon Licensed Architect with over 20 years of experience designing many types of projects. His current focus is residential new construction, remodels, and smaller commercial projects.

After graduating from the University of Oregon Architecture Program in 2005, Asmund moved to Portland to work at ZGF Architects, a large Portland Architecture Firm. During seven years there, he worked on many projects at a variety of scales and was involved with urban planning and transit projects in addition to architecture projects. He also developed a specific focus in sustainable design at many scales and became a LEED accredited professional.


Despite the interesting work he was involved with, Asmund decided to leave ZGF in 2011 to travel, work on his own house, transition to work with smaller scale architecture, and develop a construction expertise to compliment his design work. During the spring of 2012 Asmund worked with a friend to build their garage ADU, and became well acquainted with Portland’s ADU program.


The following spring Asmund joined Weitzer Company, a Portland Design-Build Company focusing on complex remodel projects and new construction. Asmund was a designer and project manager there for four years and during this time worked on a large new house, remodel projects, and commercial TI projects from design to project completion.


Early in 2017 Asmund began to explore building a backyard Accessory Dwelling Unit for his family. After spending the winter designing the ADU, Asmund left his job to start construction and spent the summer of 2017 building the ADU gaining a wealth of firsthand experience that informs his design work going forward.


At the end of 2017 Asmund launched his independent practice specializing in refined, high-performance, and efficient home, ADU’s, Remodels, Tenant Improvements, small commercial projects, and welcomes inquiries on any project you might be exploring.


Asmund Tweto


Portland, Oregon

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